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  • Will Small

Our stories determine our direction Pt.1

It is easy to point the finger at external forces when we feel like we aren't making progress in the areas we want to.⁠

But, how often are we standing in our own way? Do any of the following stories sound familiar? ⁠

👉 I don't have enough... ⁠


👉 I'm not as good as... ⁠

(Michael Jordan/Mother Theresa/___________).⁠

👉 This will magically be better... ⁠

(next year/on the 12th of never/ __________).⁠

Take a moment to reflect on which stories pop up in your head most frequently. Write them down. ✍️⁠

Are they actually helping? ⁠

Are they life giving? ⁠

Are they the whole story? ⁠

Are they motivated by fear?⁠

Communication is KEY to health in so many areas. Families. Organisations. Societies. But good communication begins in you. Which story is most likely to hold you back today? What conversation do you need to have with yourself to move past it? ⁠

5 minutes spent here could completely change your day. So, what are you waiting for?


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