Team/Group Sessions & Workshops

Grow your team's self-awareness and resilience

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Provide your team or group with a creative and engaging professional development experience integrating evidence-based insights with creativity and heart.

Lead by Story sessions build self-awareness and communication skills in teams, and grow resilience and capacity.

Session length can vary from 1-2 hours up to a half or full-day depending on the needs and context of your group or team. Multiple Sessions can also be run over consecutive weeks.

About the facilitator:
Will Small is a highly engaging facilitator with over a decade of experience working with diverse groups in many contexts, from the boardroom to the backyard. Will has a BA (Honours) majoring in English and Philosophy and an MA (Christian leadership) and has delivered sessions for management teams, social entrepreneurs, educators and leaders in organisations such as Central Coast Council, Baptist World Aid, The Salvation Army, Compassion Australia and more. Drawing on his extensive knowledge around communication, creativity and leadership, as well as many years of experience as a professional performance poet working at the intersection of the creative arts and social impact, Will's workshops and professional development sessions inspire, encourage and strengthen teams and individuals. Will weaves evidence-based insights with reflective creative exercises and his own poetic performance work to create a highly unique and memorable experience.

Workshops are tailored to meet the needs and goals of your particular group, but common themes Will explores with groups include:

* How can we grow our self-awareness and notice our guiding stories?
* What narratives are you currently exposed to? Individually and as a team?
* How might they be influencing your approach to your role?
* What narrative will guide you towards your goals?

* Science of habit formation
* Focusing on the trajectory of current habits rather than current outcomes
* Developing positive mental health habits
* Exploring shared habits/rhythms in a team context

* The role of connection in social and team resilience
* Growing connection through unpredictable times
* Creative ways of connecting (online and offline)

Sessions exploring these themes can also be presented at conferences, festivals or other suitable events. Get in touch today to discuss.

Video: 'Poetic Justice.' A creative event produced by Lead by Story to connect the creative arts with social impact, in partnership with The Art House & She the Change.