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The 'We Made it to Here' podcast is now available on all major podcast directories! It explores how we can all recover from the disaster events we have lived through and build positive mental health.

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Other recommended shows

This is mental health info you won't forget. It's for or anyone who hangs out with young people and wants to help out with their mental health. Created by Headspace Launceston, it's real stories from young people who talk about the real stuff (and the 'feels' stuff) and whack that next to the 'deal' stuff from mental health clinicians who help us make sense of mental health.

Meditation can be great for your mental health. But a lot of us don't know where to start. Headspace in the UK make great guided meditations to get you started.


This resource hub has been created in collaboration with headspace Gosford and Lake Haven, as part of the Disaster Resilience Program funded by the Hunter, New England & Central Coast Primary Health Network.

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