SpeakUP Poetic Justice

Lead by Story partnered with She the Change and The Art House to host the SpeakUP: Poetic Justice series. A series of workshops and events integrating spoken word poetry with social justice causes. You can check out the powerful event videos here. Proudly supported by the Central Coast Council.

SpeakUP: Poetic Justice activated the Central Coast and surrounding regions through
pop-up spoken word performances and workshops, leading to a dynamic finale event at the
Art House, Wyong featuring one of Australia’s leading poets, Joel McKerrow.

This project deliver high quality performances of a national standard while, empowering
local voices to join a creative conversation about the most pressing issues we face today.

Spoken word empowers the voices of those who traditionally may not have a platform to
speak from, and fosters cohesive, diverse community by exposing mixed audience groups
to a broad number of stories and perspectives evoking empathy, curiosity and awareness.
Spoken word poetry is a powerful medium to safely and constructively explore 'dangerous'
ideas and foster dialogue about issues of justice, equity and social change.

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