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Man;Kind Podcast

What does healthy manhood look like in the modern world? Man;Kind is an unfolding conversation challenging stereotypes and discussing a broader understanding of 'masculinity' for the next generation. This show is not a set of answers; it's a conversation with those who want to ask better questions and live a better story. If that's you, you're in the right place.

The Man;Kind podcast is an innovative and proactive response to social issues such as gendered violence, mental health and cultural expectations of manhood and masculinity.

Central Coast Council engaged Lead by Story to produce a resource that hosted nuanced and thought-provoking conversations to help evolve a positive conversation around what healthy manhood might look like today and into the future.

The podcast won a NSW local government award for its innovative response to social issues.

Three seasons of the show have been produced and are available on all major podcasting platforms.

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