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  • Will Small

Our stories determine our direction Pt.2

Becoming aware of the negative stories on repeat in your mind is helpful. Crucial. Life-changing. BUT it's not enough. ⁠

The end goal is not to just be...what you don't want to be.⁠

Avoiding failure is not exactly an inspiring target.⁠

A good story is like a magnet pulling you towards your vision of hope 🧲⁠

So, do you have a story that.... ⁠

👉 can get you out of bed in the morning? ⁠

👉 can raise your heart-rate? ⁠

👉 changes your body language when you talk about it?⁠

Trust me, that thing exists for you. It may feel distant. Out of reach. Or forgotten.⁠

But, today is the day you have. So, what is the story you want to live out of?⁠

Grab a pen and pad and use some of these sentences to help you get at it:⁠

"My (kids/community/future self) deserves to live in a world where ______"⁠

"I can play a role in that by _______"⁠

"If I don't, the risk is _______"⁠

"What I am working on today matters because _____"⁠

"Mountains are climbed one step at a time. My next, right step is ______"⁠

This might take a few minutes away from the ‘urgency’ of your to do list. But what could you gain on the other side of these questions?


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